My Services

img_7Thomas has over 15 years of experience in different Market Segments, businesses  and countries. He has provided consulting as well as full time  services to various ogranizations over the years.

Being an Agile practitioner  / Certified ScrumMaster since 2004, he is your perfect choice for Companies that are either undergoing Agile Project Management Transformation ( from Waterfall) , or  Organizations currently adapting to Agile practice. His Primary focus is results driven ,  derived through continuous retrospective analysis and Agile process improvement.

How can my service be beneficial to you?
Thomas's  extensive Agile/Scrum Master experience will help your Organization in delivery of Business Needs through Iterative implementation rather than traditional Waterfall Methodology,   Through continous Agile education and process/procedure improvement, Thomas delivers Quality service, Stakeholder satisfaction and great Agile Team Morale through empowerment and effective communication.

Thomas will help you and your company  leverage your potential by establishing proven Agile methodology with emphasis on Team building and product/service delivery.

What makes me a valuable asset and an effective Agile Coach / Scrum Master / Agile Project Manager?

Unlike Many Project Managers that i have worked and dealt with over the years,  having held a role throughout each stage of  SDLC ( Softare Development Life Cycle) including but not limited to :

  • Business Analysys
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Business process Analysis /Improvement
  • QA testing
  • IT Project Managemt,

has provided me with an in-depth understanding and experience  Project Team Member.  This invaluable experience proved critical in uderstanding teams abilities, areas of strength and weakness , creating effective team communication and building positive team morale.

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