What does it mean to be Agile ?

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Agility - what does it really mean?  And what does it mean to me personally Professionally , ailment person that wears many hats and is able to jump into any project matter, generic identify the need ( or problem to be solved), prescription develop a strategy that starts by understanding the structure of the any […]

scrum 3.0 and Organization 4.0

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New and useful recent blog credited to : http://www.ontheagilepath.net/2015/12/scrum-3-0-and-organization-4-0-impressions-from-a-great-evening-with-boris-gloger-at-immobilienscout24.html Scrum 3.0 and Organization 4.0 – impressions from a great evening with Boris Gloger at ImmobilienScout24 BY SEBASTIAN RADICS 2015-12-01 #NOESTIMATES, link #NOSPRINTS, and AGILE, advice MEETINGS, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, SCRUM, SCRUM 3.0 COMMENTS: 0 COMMENTS Today I had the opportunity to join a great and inspiring presentation […]

Agile Vs Waterfall

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I recently came across a good article and would like to share it with you.   It provides a high level comparison between advantages and disadvantages of using Agile Methodology vs Waterfall and vice versa . Credit for this article goes to http://www.base36.com/ There’s a saying that goes “there’s more than one way to skin a […]