What does it mean to be Agile ?

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Agility - what does it really mean?  And what does it mean to me personally

Professionally , ailment person that wears many hats and is able to jump into any project matter, generic identify the need ( or problem to be solved), prescription develop a strategy that starts by understanding the structure of the any given company, resourses ( talent) required to solve the problem ,and Deliver the quality goods for the client.

It all sounds familiar and cliche to all of us, yet in actual reality it is much more complicated to achieve. Being Agile requires practice and continuous improvement. It requires another layer of experience . Something much grander than Processes and procedures that are followed by traditional project management techniques. To be Agile is to be flexible and serve a purpose of project delivery. meaning contstant improvement and adaptation equvialent to rapid Business - Technology centric needs.

Identify - Plan - Divide and Concur - Deliver
Empower your team , allow them how to self - organize, achieve, protect your team and make their work transparent to the stakeholders.


To be continued....

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